About me:

My Name is Ulf Stoffels, I am a 25 year old Diploma Media Science student at the University of Paderborn, Germany, with my major in Media Informatics.

Next to my studies I am host of the radio show ElectroFlux at campus radio L'UniCo.

I am interested in Webstandards, Usability and Human-Machine Interfaces, Generative Art, Creative Coding and CC music. I am also a fan of the OpenSource development model.

Actual personal agenda

At the moment I am working on my diploma thesis, which will be about an end-to-end system for retrieving and saving weblinks from the radio on mobile devices via the normal audio channel. I will also try to investigate on other use cases for that technology.

There will be a Blog for this where I will write about my progress and the technical specificities of the implementation.

Things keeping my mind busy:

Recommended reading:

  • Neal Stephenson: Diamond Age, Snow Crash
  • Robert Jacobson: Information Design
  • Harold Thimbleby: press on – principles of interaction programming
  • Why the lucky stiff: Nobody knows Shoes, Why's (poignant) guide to Ruby

Personal work:

QR-Codes for Audio

I am planning to write my Diploma thesis about weblinks on the radio and how the reception could be enhanced for the users. Next to high profile speakers like Henrik Moltke from Mozilla, James Cridland and radio technology experts and enthusiasts, I will talk about my idea for the first time at the ON2: Test Signals conference on October 23rd 2010.

My talk from the conference is now on Vimeo! Watch it to get an idea of what my diploma thesis is all about. (I was really excited, that's why I stammer so much.)

Visual Theremin

During the SS10 course "Mensch-Maschine Interaktion" I created three Processing sketches to simulate the Theremin logic. I tried out the different possibilities of interacting with sound. Through face recognition, color tracking and mouse movement. You can download the 3 different versions soon.


A small straight forward project by friend and photographer Nino Kipp and Me where we wanted to pose the question, how the desktop metaphor paired with windows came about. I created Mac- and Windows-like stickers showing the window control icons and put them on actual windows. Link to: needtocloseawindow.com

Visualising OECD data

During the course "Visualising data and information" in SS09 I was part of a project group to visualise data from the OECD. For this I created the ring menu for choosing countries you can then compare afterwards and the overall interaction workflow. The program is coded entirely in Processing. The outcome can be seen at the projects homepage.